Sub contract Scenario

What is Sub Contract?
IMG settings in Sub contract
Steps in Sub contract

Vendor Consignment Scenario

What is consignment?
IMG settings in Consignment
Steps in Consignment

Pipe Line Scenario

Procurement of Pipe line material
With drawl of Pipeline material
Settlement of Pipeline liabilities

Stock Transport Order

Stock Transfer from Co_cd to Co_cd

External Service Procurement

Creation of Service Master/PO/Entry Sheet
Payment settlement of Service material

Sales & Distribution

Fundamentals of Sales and Distribution
Organization structure in SD
Customer master Creation
Sales Order creation

Third Party Scenario

What is Third Party?
Configuration of Third party
Steps in Third Party

How to

  • delete a material master record?
  • Extend views to a material master?
  • Block/unblock a vendor?
  • Change the material type?
  • Flag the Info Record for deletion?
  • View T-codes in SAP
  • Attach non-sap docs

Books/Material (soft copy) providing by us

  • SAP Getting Started,
  • SAP MM Lab exercise/steps book
  • SAP Material Management–5 books
  • SAP MM Interview Q&A
  • SAP MM TCode

SAP PP presentations: (Soft Copies)

  • Automatic Account Assignment
  • Inv. Management Overview
  • Physical Inventory Overview
  • Logistic Invoice Verification
  • SAP MM Sample Resumes
  • Model Online Tests info

Faculty: Rich Experience in of 18 years Domain and 6 + years real time in SAP as a Sr. MM Consultant – US Returned

Overview on SAP-MM

Procurement Cycle, SAP Navigation
SAP R/3 Architecture

Organization Structure

SAP Terminology
Defining Enterprise Structure and its units
Assigning Organization Structure units

Master data & Transaction data

Material Master IMG settings
Creation, Change & Display of Material
List / report of Materials
Extending the material to other plants

Vendor Master Record

Types of Vendor, IMG Settings Creation, Change & Display of Vendor

Purchasing Info Record

IMG settings, Creation, Change & Display of PIR, List of PIR s

Source List

Importance of Source List, IMG settings Creation, Change & Display of source List

Purchase Requisition (PR)

PR IMG settings, Creation, Change & Display of PR List of PRs

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

RFQ IMG settings, Creation, Change & Display of RFQ
List of RFQs, Creation of RFQ w.r.t PR

Quotation Maintenance

Creation, Change & Display of Quotation
Price comparison

Out-line Agreements

Types of Out-line Agreements


Types of Contracts, IMG settings, Creation, Change & Display of Contract
List of Contracts, Creation w.r.t PR, RFQ

Schedule Agreements (SA)

Schedule Agreements IMG settings
Creation, Change & Display of SA Entering of Delivery Schedules

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders IMG settings
Creation, Change & Display of PO
Creation of Purchase Orders w.r.t PR, RFQ, Contract, SA

Optimization of Purchasing

Steps/settings for Automatic PO
Automatic creation of PO w.r.t PR

Pricing Procedure
Release Procedure
Valuation and Account Assignment

Inventory Management Overview

Goods Movement, Material document
A/c Document, Movement types
Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Stock Transfer, Transfer Posting

Goods Receipt

GR using MIGO
Effects of GR -Before GR and After GR
GR – U/R/QI/Blocked Stock type
GR_ Block & Release/Initial Stock/w/o PO

Stock Transfer – (Intra Company)

Between Str. Loc.- to Str. Loc..

  • One step/ two-step methods

Between Plants – to – Plants

  • One step/ two-step methods

Goods Issue

Goods Issue – to cost center

Transfer posting

QI to Blocked/ Blocked to U/R and
U/R to QI stock type

Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory concepts
IMG settings in Physical inventory
Physical Inventory Procedures

Logistic Invoice Verification

Logistic Invoice Verification overview
IMG and Tax Settings in LIV
Entering of Invoice (in MIRO)