SAP IS Oil and Gas Online Training Institute

SAP IS Oil and GAS Online Training Topics

  • Oil Industry business overview in a nutshell
  • SAP IS OIL overview
  • Basic Terminologies Explained
  • HPM (Hydrocarbon Product Management)
  • MAP (Marketing, Accounting and Pricing)
  • MCOE (Marketing, Contracts, Order Entry)
  • TD (Transportation and Distribution)
  • TDP ( Tariff, Duties and Permits)
  • EXG (Exchanges)
  • TSW (Traders and Schedulers Workbench)
  • MRN ( Marketing Retail Network) and BDRP (Bulk Distribution Replenishment Planning) and SSR (Service Station Retailing)- Concepts
  • RLM – Conceptual Overview
  • PRA/ JVA – Conceptual Overview
  • Tips and Miscellaneous points


  • Oil industry business process discussion
  • Real time examples
  • Case Study/ Mini project
  • Resume Tips/ Possible Interview questions/ tips
  • External Interfaces Discussion

HPM (Hydrocarbon Product Management)

  • Silo management Explained
  • Quantity Conversion Explained
  • Configuration settings
  • Material master data settings
  • Quantity conversion in Sales Cycle
  • Exercise for Quantity conversion

MAP (Marketing, Accounting and Pricing )

  • Pricing scenario in Oil business
  • External Agencies in Pricing
  • Formula and Average pricing
  • Exercise on Formula and Average pricing
  • Gross/ Net pricing
  • Differential Invoice
  • Differential reference code
  • Contract pricing
  • Time pricing
  • Master data settings in pricing records/ customer master
  • Relevant configuration settings

MCOE (Marketing, Contracts, Order Entry )

  • Automatic plant determination
  • Exercise for Automatic plant determination
  • Item category re determination
  • Exercise for Item category re determination
  • Last order entry
  • Contract call off restrictions
  • Final Delivery Indicator
  • Associated Master data settings & Configurations in customer master/ material master

TD ( Transportation and Distribution)

  • Significance of bulk TD
  • Transport Unit
  • Vehicle/ Driver
  • Vehicle Meters/ Rack Meters
  • Bulk TD process- Scheduling/ Loading confirmation/ Delivery confirmation
  • Exercise for Bulk TD process
  • TAS – Terminal Automation System Importance in TD
  • TPI – Transportation Planning Interface Importance
  • Delivery confirmation processing concept
  • Relevant Configurations

EXG ( Exchanges)

  • Nature of Oil Exchange process in Oil Industry
  • Partners in exchange scenario
  • Relevant master data
  • Exchange agreement
  • Sales cycle from exchange agreement
  • Associated Configurations
  • Exercise for sales cycle
  • Concept of LIA ( Logical Inventory Adjustment)
  • Concept of Netting

TSW ( Traders and schedulers workbench)

  • Location
  • Transport System
  • Partner role
  • Nomination
  • Ticketing
  • Basic TSW cycle for Sales side
  • Exercise for Basic TSW cycle
  • Concept of Junction Function
  • Associated master data
  • Basic Configurations

Excise Duty

  • Excise duty in Oil Industry
  • Terminologies- Handling type/ Valuation type/ Excise Duty group/ Excise Duty rate
  • Claim/ liability concept
  • Master data settings for excise duty


  • Only theoretical concept of below functionalities
  • MRN – Marketing Retail Network
  • BDRP- Bulk Distribution Replenishment planning
  • RLM- Remote Logistics Management
  • JVA- Joint Venture Accounting
  • Upstream Graphics

Miscellaneous details

  • Integration of IS OIL with Other Modules
  • Team Structure in a typical IS OIL project
  • Resume Tips/ Possible interview questions